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Heading to Alaska: Denali

I guess this is the first time we are really making this public.  I have been dreaming about climbing (and skiing) Denali for several years now.  The first couple planned trips just didn’t work out.  I think this one really will!  We (and when I say we, I will get to that) have put together a very strong team to go after the top of North America with skis on our back.  We have been busy putting together the gear, organizing the (planned) logistics of our trip.  We are in the midst of testing skis, boots, and other expedition gear to see just what is and isn’t going to work.  To many this all might seem like a ton of work; I’ve been enjoying every minute of it.  I have kind of taken on the role of trip leader for 8 people.  So at the end of May into June 2010 if all goes as planned we will be heading to the biggest state in the union and making an attempt on Denali.  I cannot wait!

To the team:

Almost every name on this list you will recognize from either my blog or Colorado Ski hall of famer Lou Dawson’s site over at Wildsnow.  Here is a direct excerpt from our proposals, thanks to Lou’s skills as an author.


I really cannot express to you how excited I am about this group of people.  I have been privileged to ski peaks with each and every one of them.   For even more of a take on what we are looking at doing take a look over at Wildsnow to hear Lou’s take.

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  1. Caleb October 5, 2009

    This is going to be a good one. Looking forward to it.

  2. kailas October 8, 2009

    So you’ve got two New Yorkers, one guy from New Jersy ( though he tries so hard to be form CO) and a transplant from TX. Should be one hell of a show.

  3. Jordan October 8, 2009 — Post Author

    Well…it should be fun, but I need to make a couple corrections/additions. We have two New Yorkers who can ski your pants off, one guy from New Jersey who is in the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame for a reason, one guy from Tennessee, two guys from the Denver metro area, one from Telluride and one from Carbondale. Seems like a pretty strong group of guys to me. But I guess we shall see.

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