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A Little Summer Mountaineering– Pyramid Peak

After a recent transplant from the front range to the Roaring Fork Valley I finally got back to one of my favorite peaks in Colorado.

Joining me on our jaunt up Pyramid were brothers, Colby and Tyler Christoff. Tyler and I have climbed a few peaks together in the last couple years, however Colby is fairly new to the sport and this was his 3rd 14er since moving here in June from New York.

We opted for decent start of 4:30 AM and made rather quick time up the trail to the Pyramid turn off. Just as we reached the amphitheater it became light enough to turn the headlamps off. We sat and looked at the familiar, yet still amazing view that presents itself upon arrival in this amazing place. We continued up the amphitheater on a mix of snow and rock and found ourselves headed up the grass and loose rock towards the North West Ridge Route.

None of us had been up this route before, but I had been up the NE side twice so it was nice to find a new route up one of my favorite peaks. We gained the notch in the ridge and began the climb up low angled loose rock towards our goal.

Tyler and Colby headed up the ridge.

The route goes up then traverses, then up and another traverse and then climbs the last couple hundred vertical directly to the summit.

A little Class 4 to keep things fun.

A short Breather with a Killer Background.

I found a gap towards the top that made for a pretty fun picture.

We stood on top around 8 AM and had the summit to ourselves for 45 minutes before we even heard another voice coming up the other ridge. Eventually we decided to head down and made good time back to the car. We did find time to take pictures of just how much snow the elks got this year though.

Snow Depth.

We high tailed it on down and were sitting in the parking lot sipping on a cold one by 11 AM.

Thanks for checking in and Welcome to my new blog.


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  1. Backcountry Skiing Lou July 31, 2008

    Nice first post Jordan!

    I fixed your comment spam protection, but please check.


  2. Patrick Lilly July 31, 2008

    Thanks for the pictures. Looks like the standard route is pretty well melted out, despite the lingering snow alongside: just what I’ve been hoping for! I’d say you made very good time both up and down.

  3. elin August 1, 2008

    Wow… my only question is this: Why would anyone put themselves through that again?!?! Good job boys!!!

  4. Jordan August 1, 2008 — Post Author

    Patrick: both routes were pretty melted out, amphitheatre had more snow than anything else.

  5. Annah August 4, 2008

    (whew, good thing I passed elementary math!)

    Glad I wasn’t there for the picture of you jumping over the gap… I’m sure you can imagine my (FREAKED OUT) response. 😉

    Sad I missed all that snow though. Oh, and I love that shot of the Maroons. Could you photoshop an arrow pointing to South Maroon and put “Annah was here” for me? Great seeing you this weekend!

  6. Evan Mitchell September 11, 2008

    I recognize those damn yankees from miles away. Colby and Tyler cheers and glad to see Ty’s knee working again. If you guys are doing any BC skiing/touring, I’d love to join you and escape the front range mange. I’m living just outside of Boulder. It would be great to ski with some Song Mountain folk in the CO backcountry, especially on the springtime steeps.

  7. Jordan September 12, 2008 — Post Author

    Hey Evan,
    Get on up here. I think it snowed this weekend…ok maybe not quite enough to break out the sticks, but its on the way.

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