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Meet the Moment

Cliff Bar is doing a pretty cool Campaign right now called Meet the Moment. For every person that submits their own Moment, CLIF will donate $5 to one of five non-profit projects that goes directly to preserving the slopes, trails, beaches and other beautiful places we adventure. The larger initiative centers around Protecting the Places We Play, so the more people that submit stories, the more support will be raised towards preservation.

If nothing else their promo video is pretty cool and worth checking out:

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  1. Frank K June 2, 2011

    Best of all, people like you and me that use snowmobiles to access ski terrain will be shut out, thanks to this campaign’s support of the Winter Wildlands Alliance. Yay for shooting ourselves in the foot!

  2. Jordan June 2, 2011 — Post Author

    Links to info?

  3. Jordan June 2, 2011 — Post Author

    Upon reading some info, I’m forced to agree with you to an extent. Though I kind of like the other 4 organizations.

  4. Frank K June 4, 2011

    Yeah Jordan, that’s the only organization I don’t support. It’s too bad, it’s a nice enough campaign and who doesn’t support surfriders other than big business? I got an email asking me to post up this video as well- I asked the guy some honest questions about their support of WWA, but sadly I got no response. Here’s my take on WWA, as well as a list of their other sponsors, all of whom I’ve been doing my best to avoid: [url]http://14erskiers.com/franksblog/2010/01/winter-wildlands-alliance-and-their-sponsors/[/url]

  5. Lou June 15, 2011

    Some companies are desperate to find “green” organizations they can support, so they can do their green marketing routine. It appears they frequently do not read the fine print. Whatever looks cool on the surface, they just send the money. Personally, I’d rather they charged less for their product and let us decide who we want to give money to so we can support what we feel are the most important things for the health of our planet and civilization.

    When you think about it, it’s kind of weird. Who trusts big corporations? So why are we all worshipful of companies that have this infinite wisdom of which non-profits they give money to, cash that used to be OUR money?

    For example, I’m not a huge fan of 1% For the Planet for the above reasons, and also for the reason that many (if not most) so called environmental non-profits are simply part of an industry known as “Green, Incorporated,” that’s self perpetuating as a fund raising machine designed to pay a bunch of people’s salaries so they can tell the rest of us how to behave. When you look under the surface, it is not all roses. I mean, in their list of non-profits approved for support, 1% for the Planet has Mother Jones Magazine (sometimes a good read, but really, send them money?) and PETA! Check out the list of non-profits on the 1% website, it’s like some kind of hodge podge with an obvious slant.

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